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Sailing Night How to break the outright world speed sailing record


Following the success of Cycling Night: how to break a world track record, Malcolm Barnsley and Paul Larsen of Sailrocket came along to explain how to break the outright world speed sailing record.


Vestas Sailrocket 2 is a carbon fibre boat manufactured on the Isle of Wight to capture the sailing speed record. The project then relocated to Namibia where ideal conditions occur on a regular basis. Here the Sailrocket became the fastest boat on the planet with a 500 meter average of 65.45 knots (121.1km/h). Test engineer Malcolm Barnsley has been working on the SailRocket for over nine years and has done extensive model testing. Malcolm's co-speaker, Paul Larsen is the world fastest pilot.


This event took place on 16 May 2013