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The 78m long sculpture is based on the movement of an aerobatic stunt plane flying through the terminal’s entrance space. Spanning between four steel columns, 20m above the floor and clad in riveted aluminium, Slipstream has a hidden armature structure that supports its continuously undulating plywood stress-skin surface. We undertook almost two years of research and development; creating from first principles a way of accurately tracing the swept motion volume of the plane, which could then be subdivided into over 32,000 unique steel, plywood and aluminium parts, together with over a quarter of a million rivets carefully positioned across its surface.


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Price & Myers was established in 1978 in London as a firm of consulting structural engineers, with the aim of working with good imaginative architects, to make excellent buildings. In our first 37 years we have completed over 24,000 jobs, and have won over 580 awards; we also have offices in Nottingham and Oxford, and currently employ about 185 people.


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