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Honorary Members


Andrew Alderson, Sheffield Hallam University

Liz Beckmann, Lanmark Medical

Bryn Bird

Hugh Broughton

Mike Burrows, Burrows Engineering

Giles Camplin, Airship Association

George Cave

Mark Chapman, Bloodhound SSC

Sir Neil Cossons

Andrew Cripps

Max Fordham

Julie Godefroy

Bill Hampton, Kite Power Systems (KPS)

David Hawken, Nats

Rowland Keable

Ross King

Dr Mirko Kovac, Imperial College

Vincent Laracker

Tim Leigh, Stage One

Adam Lowe, Factum Foundation

Jason Lowe, Met Office

Tim Lucas, Adidas

Charlie Paton, Seawater Greenhouse

Damon Roberts, Magma Global

Kevin Sara, NUR Energie

Henrik Schoenefeldt

Joe Short, Demand Logic

Hugo Spowers, Riversimple

Edwin Stokes, Stage One

Julian Vincent

Kevin Warwick, University of Reading

David Weight

Graham Wylde, The Welding Institute




Individual Members


Sahir Khan

Tim Mitchell

Thomas Pound

Crispin Sinclair

Alison Southern

Ricky Worn

Jyoti Sharma

Affiliate Organisations


Airship Association

Brunel Museum

Engineering Timelines

How to join


If you would like details of membership and how to join please contact:


Andrew Scoones


c/o ngenuity ltd

28 Milton Park

London N6 5QA

t  07754 518 527