THE ENGINEERING CLUB was founded over twenty years ago to host events about the broad culture of engineering in an informal setting.

Activities include a series of talks on all facets of engineering. The talks are free to attend, with refreshments and a lively and informed discussion afterwards. All are welcome, but we especially encourage young engineers to attend. The talks are often recorded as an archive for members.

We also provide support for exhibitions on engineering subjects, professional training opportunities and film nights with presentations chosen and hosted by members.
The Engineering Club is an association of engineering practices, hosted by The Building Centre and organised by ngenuity Ltd. 

Wingsails – a strange tale of a new type of sail: Dr Alison CookeMan Powered Aircraft: John McIntyreHow an Understanding of the Structural Weakness of a Micro-Organism is Exploited in its Eradication: Professor A J WalsbyThe Aerodynamics of Bird Flight: Dr Jeremy Rayner       Upgrading Humans – Technical Realities and New Morals: Kevin Warwick
Far Out Engineering - Building Habitats in Space: Professor Heinz Wolf     The Hyperride – a revolution in footwear engineering: Tim Lucas - Adidas Innovations Team 14 April 2005  The Maltese Falcon: Damon Roberts, Insensys 9 November 2006Torotrak - The Revolution in car transmission: Geoffrey SoarStarchaser: Steve Bennett
From Friction Welding to Air Taxis: Graham WyldeThe Aerodynamics of Bicycles: Mike Burrows SeaGen - Tidal Turbine Development: Angela Robotham, Marine Current Turbines Ltd The Clockwork Radio and Other Inventions: Trevor BaylisBeagle 2 - Is There Life on Mars? Professor Colin Pilinger